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Thank you for taking the time to view my images.

My photographs are bright, colorful and filled with light. My composition style is simple and I usually print my photographs onto matte photo paper or 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper.   What you see is essentially what I photographed with my camera.

I was drawn into photography as a child by summer vacations and trips to National Parks with a camera that  was given to me as a gift.  As an adult, my love of flowers and photography motivated me to take my first Fine Art Flower Photography class with Tony Sweet. This class was followed by more classes with Bryan F. Peterson and Tony Sweet.  Then my interest in baking led me to start photographing desserts.  I decided that I wanted to learn more in depth about food photography and pursued that by taking some classes with professional food photographers.   The food that I photograph is edible.

In the meantime, I also added an infrared camera. And I  have been exploring some new ways to include light in my photographs and those are usually photos of  landscapes.

My photographs have been published. In addition, I  have had a solo photography display at a local library. I have been part of photography club displays, have displayed with a group of women photographers  and have won awards in photo competitions.  

I live in the Midwest with my family and Amelia.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Master of Arts degree in business, both from Webster University.

email: mccurdydm@aol.com

all photographs - copyright Debbie McCurdy

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